G E N E R A L   F A Q ' s


Q. Is parking available near your boutique?
A. Yes, there is plenty of street parking available nearby.

Q. How do I access your boutique?
A. I'm sharing a space with my business partner, The Waxing Genie.

Q. Is there a waiting room that I can wait in before my appointment?
A. Yes. A cozy waiting room awaits you with plenty of seating, magazines to read, and refreshments.

Q. Can I bring my children?
A. Yes, you may bring your children. There is plenty of space in my private room.

Q. What is your appointment cancellation policy?
A. Please give a 24 hour notice before your appointment for any cancelations. All appointments booked online or over the phone are automatically considered confirmed appointments. Confirmation text messages and emails are sent to you 48hrs prior to your set appointment time as a reminder. Please understand that when you forget to cancel or reschedule your appointment without giving enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill the appointment time with other clientele. I completely understand that your schedule may change at any time, therefore;

- I respectfully request a 24hr notice prior to your existing appointment, in the event you need to cancel or reschedule
- Same-day appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 4hrs of the confirmed appointment time.

If you’re unable to give proper notification to cancel or reschedule your appointment as outlined above, the following service fees will apply;

- "BOOKED ONLINE OR OVER THE PHONE" - Less than a 24hr notice will result in a charge equal to 15% of the reserved service amount.

- "SAMEDAY APPOINTMENTS" - Less than a 4hr notice will result in a charge equal to 15% of the reserved service amount.

- "NO SHOWS" - No shows will be charged 25% of the reserved service amount.

Q. What happens If I'm late to my appointment?
A. If you are more than 10 min late for your appointment and I'm unable to accommodate you, we'll have to reschedule your appointment.

Q. Do you sell Gift Cards?
A. Yes, Beauty by Anysia Gift Cards are available in $10, $25, $50 and $100. Gift a friend for a special occasion or holiday!

Q. How do your Gift Cards work? Do they ever expire?
A. No. They never expire. You are able to purchase gift cards in person or online for friends, family, or even yourself! Clients are welcome to use gift cards for the original purchase amount for any service at any time.

Q. Can I find you on Yelp?
A. Yes. Click here for my Yelp page.

Q. Do you currently have any specials or promotions on products or services at this time?
A. Yes, all year long! Inquire within for details.

Q. What is your refund & return policy?
A. Visit the Payments, Refunds & Returns FAQ Page by Clicking Here.

Q. What are the terms and conditions of any and all promotions you push through your social media (Facebook), as well as within your on-line shop?
A. All promotions are valid through the date shown. 1 per customer. Cannot be combined with other specials and promotions unless specified otherwise.

Q. How does your loyalty program work?
A. What better way to incentivize my clients using a digital loyalty rewards program that will allow you to earn discounts on any service of choice. For every $25 spent on products or services, you will earn (1) Beauty Point.

8 Points - earns you 5% off
15 Points - earns you 12% off
35 Points - earns you 35% off
45 Points - earns you 50% off
55 Points - earns you 75% off
60 Points - earns you 85% off
63 Points - earns you 100% off