J U S T   F O R   M E N   F A Q ' s

Q. How does a Men's Face or Back Detox work?
A. As a 1st time client, you'll receive a brief skincare consultation. This will help us both determine what the best course of action is for you and your skin. A skin detox of the face or back is simply a deep cleansing. Over several days, weeks, and months - your face and back pores accumulate an inevitable amount of dirt, debris, and free radicles. Ever wonder why you experience acne on your back, or in-grown hairs from shaving your face? Cleansing clogged pores and correcting bad shaving techniques, combined with a skin detox and daily skincare regimen, can make all the difference.

Q. Does it matter if I have a beard or hair on my back?
A. It doesn't matter if you have hair on your face or body. A skin detox will be effective as taking the time to understand the complexities of your very own skin can help you dramatically imrpove its appearance over time.

Q. Can I get a skin detox and wax treatment of the same area, at the same appointment?
A. No, separate appointments are required for a skin detox and wax treatment on the same area of the skin. For best results, your skin needs time to adjust after a deep cleaning, as well as from a wax treatment.

Q. How does a waxing treatment work?
A. By using a top quality brand name Berodin wax, in combination with skincare and bodycare products, smooth skin is just a visit away. By heating up the wax to specific temperature, when applied to the skin, the wax adheres directly to the hair, pulling it from the follicle leaving a smooth surface. Remember the more you wax, the thinner your hair will become over time and the less you will need to see me. It becomes less painful with each following visit.

Q. Does a face or back detox cause any redness or irritation?
A. When it comes to extractions there will be some redness, it will go away within a couple of hours. Beyond that, moisturization of the skin is the final step of the process.

Q. How often should I get a face detox?
A. Once a month. You will definitely notice the results with your 1st visit.